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retention and supervision obligations.

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Smarsh helps more than 20,000 global customers in the financial services industry, including broker-dealers, investment advisors, hedge funds, private equity firms, exchanges, commercial and retail banks, lenders and insurers, meet their content retention and oversight obligations with confidence.

Whether it be producing data for regulatory audits, examinations and e-discovery events, or enforcing your organization’s written supervisory procedures across an expanding compliance perimeter, leverage Smarsh technology, experience and best practices to meet your compliance needs faster and more effectively. The Archiving Platform from Smarsh has established the industry standard for the efficient review and production of content from the channels that your firm uses to communicate.

FINRA firms of all sizes rely on Smarsh to help them comply with books and records rules (SEC 17a-3 and 17a-4), the FINRA Communications Rules (2210, 2212-2216), supervision guidelines and ongoing guidance around websites, blogs and social media.
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Investment Advisors
Smarsh helps registered firms, including investment advisers, hedge funds, private equity firms, and venture capital firms implement and enforce electronic communications recordkeeping and oversight policies for compliance with SEC and CFTC regulations.
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Futures and Transfer Agents
Smarsh helps firms registered with the NFA, the derivatives industry’s self-regulatory organization, meet NFA, CFTC and SEC recordkeeping and oversight obligations.

Lending Compliance
Mortgage companies, credit unions, banks, payday lenders, foreclosure relief services and debt collectors are required to effectively retain and monitor digital content, including social media and website communications. Smarsh helps lenders of all stripes comply with FFIEC guidance and monitor for compliance with Fair Lending Laws, Truth in Lending Act or the FTC’s rules on Unfair, Deceptive or Abusive Acts.
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Investment Dealers (Canada)
Smarsh helps IIROC member firms meet the recordkeeping and supervision responsibilities mandated in IIROC Rule 29.7, IIROC Notice 11-0349 and National Instrument 31-103.

Investment Advisers (UK)
Smarsh helps FCA-registered organisations stay ahead of evolving retention and supervision requirements for email, social media, instant messaging, web content and more.
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"Our firm has used Smarsh for years, and they do a great job on the technical side, but we didn't love the user interface until their recent update for email archiving. I was impressed because it shows that they are trying to learn and update their software on an ongoing basis. The archiving specifically for chatter is great, and the implementation was very easy as an add-on to our contract."

- Patricia Ritsman, Performance Trust

The Archiving Platform

Join the many thousands of Smarsh customers in regulated industries enjoying the benefits of a unified, search-ready repository and interface for lightning-fast, powerful e-discovery and automated, policy-based compliance supervision for all of their email, instant messaging, text, web, video and social media communications.

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Web Archiving

Maintain a comprehensive history of your website's evolution. Web archiving instantly captures revisions, documents, links to third-party content, and interactive features—without losing their context or functionality. Website content is reliably retained in its original form and it can be easily accessed and produced.

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Email Encryption

Protect sensitive files, attachments, and other shared information across most popular email platforms. Flexible and customizable email security policies reduce the risk of punitive and damaging consequences. Features a complete audit trail to help you meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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