Smarsh and Actiance Complete Merger, Combine Forces to Redefine Archiving Under the Smarsh Brand

Global Enterprise Information Archiving Leader Enables Compliant
Productivity with New Connected Suite Product Offerings


Portland, Ore. – September 26, 2018 – Smarsh, helping customers get ahead – and stay ahead – of the risk within their electronic communications, today announced it has completed its merger with Actiance, and the combined company will operate under the Smarsh brand. Smarsh has also launched its new Connected Suite of product offerings, encompassing electronic communications capture, archiving, supervision, e-discovery and control. The Suite is designed to help customers embrace the growing number of communication channels that drive business and to meet their electronic communications retention and oversight obligations.

“Smarsh is the leading, pure-play archiving provider delivering specialized capture, archiving and discovery solutions across an unrivaled breadth of communication channels,” said Brian Cramer, CEO, Smarsh. “Large enterprises have reached a tipping point with legacy archiving technologies. With our modern and extensible technology stack that can scale with today’s data volumes, we are uniquely positioned to help customers accelerate their roadmaps to cloud adoption and migrate data from legacy systems quickly and easily.”

In 2017, K1 Investment Management announced the acquisition of Actiance, a pioneer in communications compliance, archiving and analytics, for the purpose of combining with Smarsh. The combined company now serves more than 6,500 customers globally, with specialized solutions for financial services organizations, government agencies and companies with recordkeeping, supervision and e-discovery obligations. Smarsh provides product and service engagements fitting customers of all sizes, offering on-premises and cloud capture, and multi-tenant and private, single-tenant cloud archiving deployments. It supports the capture and archiving of more than 80 content types, a number that is steadily growing as the company stays ahead of adoption cycles for modern and emerging business e-communications. Smarsh employs more than 600 employees worldwide, with increased engineering and support scale, coverage and capacity.

“Actiance and Smarsh have both been innovative players in the capture and archiving space for many years. Led by a strong, unified leadership team, their organizations and product specialties are a great match,” said Michael Osterman, Principal Analyst, Osterman Research. “The new Connected Suite features the best of both worlds — the synergy of both companies enables Smarsh to offer a set of solutions that meet the specific needs of regulated organizations of all sizes.”

The Connected Suite

The Smarsh Connected Suite is a new product framework leveraging the familiar, best-of-breed technologies from both Actiance and Smarsh. The Archiving Platform from Smarsh and the Actiance suite (Alcatraz, Vantage and Socialite), both recently recognized as 2018 Trend-Setting Products, benefit from the convergence of each other’s unique capabilities, as well as the new level of scale, development and investment resources from the combined organization. Components of the Smarsh Connected Suite, with specialized packages for financial services and government customers, include:

Connected Capture

  • Enables customers to reliably and efficiently capture electronic communications for ingestion into the search-ready Connected Archive or other existing archives

  • Features the most robust and complete set of capture capabilities available today, with content captured continuously, in its native format, directly from the source channels with full conversational context preserved

  • Supports more than 80 channels of electronic communication spanning email, IM/collaboration, social media, mobile/text messaging and voice

Connected Archive

  • Provides ingestion, search, review, reporting and export capabilities universally across all supported content types

  • Offers multi-tenant and private, single-tenant cloud-based deployment options designed to meet each customer’s unique volume, customization and privacy requirements

  • Preserves full conversational context across all communication channels, and stores content immutably in its original format, providing valuable context for supervision and e-discovery effectiveness

Connected Apps

  • Supervision: Designed for customers with regulatory obligations to conduct ongoing monitoring of their organization’s electronic communications. Features an enhanced team-based review workflow, enabling customers to reveal and mitigate risk quickly and to streamline compliance initiatives.

  • Discovery: Designed to reduce the time, cost and effort required to collect, analyze and produce specific content for e-discovery and investigations

  • Control: Leveraging Actiance’s active compliance technology, the Control App provides channel-by-channel feature sets (moderation, pre-review, blocking, altering) enabling customers to establish and enforce usage policies, and take action on content before it becomes problematic

“As business becomes more social, mobile and collaborative, companies are trying to keep pace with changing customer preferences while working to solve their regulatory compliance challenges,” said Anthony West, CTO, Smarsh. “With the Smarsh Connected Suite, organizations can choose how they respond to the changing dynamics of their customers and employees, enable their business to maximize the power of the communications channels of today and tomorrow, and proactively manage the associated risk to better protect their organization.”

Smarsh has introduced an update to its corporate logo, leveraging heritage elements from the Actiance brand. The company has also launched a new website, providing additional insight into how Smarsh helps customers solve their capture, archiving and monitoring needs across the broadest range of electronic communications, including email, social media, mobile messaging, instant messaging/collaboration and voice communications. For more information, please visit

About Smarsh

Smarsh helps organizations get ahead – and stay ahead – of the risk within their electronic communications. With innovative capture, archiving and monitoring solutions that extend across the industry’s widest breadth of channels, customers can leverage the productivity benefits of email, social media, mobile/text messaging, instant messaging/collaboration, websites and voice while efficiently strengthening their compliance and e-discovery initiatives.

A global client base, including the top 10 banks in the United States and the largest banks in Europe, Canada and Asia, manages billions of conversations each month with the Smarsh Connected Suite. Government agencies in 40 of the 50 U.S. states also rely on Smarsh to help meet their recordkeeping and e-discovery requirements. The company is headquartered in Portland, Ore. with nine offices worldwide, including locations in Silicon Valley, New York, London and Bangalore, India.

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