Make messaging simple, secure, and compliant.

The chatbot market is expected to reach $102B in 2026. For financial services firms looking to engage with their customers, they are required to capture all communications. However, without the right solution in place to govern its usage, the popularity of platforms like LivePerson opens enterprises up to risk. Smarsh helps reduce the risk of data loss, breach, and non-compliance with regulatory mandates so employees can communicate with confidence. Smarsh capture and archiving solutions for LivePerson enables:

  • Comprehensive compliance:  Smarsh captures data in near real-time. All content can be sent to the Smarsh Enterprise Archive to meet FINRA, SEC, FCA, MiFID II and other regulatory mandates. The quick search and display of contextual data make supervision and reconciliation functions more efficient.
  • Monitoring and protection for LivePerson’s content: All content can be inspected for sensitive information, suspicious behavior, and/or abusive language. With certain deployments, administrators can set near real-time alerts to flag keywords across messages and in-file text to pinpoint any violations and take appropriate action.
  • Automatic archiving and easy, fast, and accurate e-discovery: All LivePerson content captured in its native format along with metadata to provide a complete view of activities. The activity can be automatically sent to the Enterprise Archive for fast and accurate search, supervision, e-discovery, and case management. The preservation of all content in context makes for faster, more effective review.
  • End-to-end security: Whether data is in transit or at rest.

Key Features

API driven Capture

Direct source capture

Smarsh captures directly from the LivePerson App via API. Content is retained in its native format with chain of custody preserved.

Message threading and attachments

All messages are captured together with files, images, and other attachments. Message threading displays conversations as they originally happened for ease of review.
Capturing communications in full and in context

Contextual capture

Smarsh captures all content in full conversational context for the best visibility into what happened and when. Attachments can be viewed or downloaded in context in their original form.

Content monitoring

Policies based on lexicons and patterns can be defined to flag text and file content for review. With certain deployments, alerts can then be generated based upon keyword or phrase matches and send to reviewers and/or the violator’s manager.

Powerful search

All messages are automatically indexed for speedy retrieval. Users can search for LivePerson content based on user, date range, keywords, or content tagged to specific cases, events or topics
Identity Integrations

Profile and identity management

Smarsh supports automated directory synchronization for unified identity and profile management.
External archiver support icon

Smarsh or external archive support

LivePerson content can be sent seamlessly to the Smarsh Enterprise Archive - an immutable and context-aware data store - or any 3rd party archive, app, or data lake of your choice. Smarsh Conduct Intel and Smarsh Discovery solutions are available for optimized supervision and e-discovery, respectively.

Advanced capabilities

Advanced capabilities including policy alerts and remediation/redaction are available with certain deployments.