Smarsh offers the only SMS archiving solution available that captures mobile content/text messages directly from leading mobile carriers, including Vodafone, for employer-issued devices. Mitigate the potential risks of using mobile business communications with text message monitoring.

  • For organizations that use Vodafone as their carrier for employee issued devices, compliance and e-discovery needs can be met easily by enabling text message archiving with Smarsh.
  • Smarsh captures text messages direct from Vodafone, archiving all content in the background. Content is ingested in its native format, meaning that Smarsh preserves and indexes each unique element or related object of a messaging type, rather than flattening a text message conversation into the body of an email.
  • By capturing and ingesting data intelligently, Smarsh introduces a series of advantages to the search and review process. Smarsh solutions also allow platform users to view the full thread of the conversation in order to easily understand the context in which a text was made.

Key Features


Direct source capture & message threading

Messages are captured directly from Vodafone along with all metadata and automatically indexed during ingestion into the archive. Messages are threaded so conversations can be viewed in proper message type context.
MMS and SMS Support

MMS and SMS support

The full range of message types is covered by our capture capabilities through direct carrier relationships so you can archive your communications with all the components they had when they were originally sent.

Attachments support

Attachments including images, videos and other files are supported for direct carrier capture and archived attachments and can be viewed or downloaded in proper context in their original form.
Manage eDiscovery

Global support

You can capture texts even when employees are roaming in international regions.
Approve use of any device


You can capture texts from any supported carrier, SIM enabled for SMS and MMS regardless of device or OS.

Enterprise MDM integrations

Direct carrier capture can be used with an enterprise MDM solution to prevent employees from using non-approved messaging applications, reducing the risk of non-compliance.