Alcatraz has a new name!
Now called the Connected Archive

– Enterprise Cloud or Private Cloud

Built for large organizations with complex regulatory requirements. Satisfy complex compliance needs for the latest communication channels with a one, secure, high-performance platform.


An extensible architecture, designed for sustained performance
at scale

Designed specifically for enterprise clients, the Connected Archive is offered for multi-tenant or single-tenant deployment. Enterprise Cloud satisfies the need for a high degree of configurability and control. Private Cloud provides full data isolation and dedicated resources.

  • Enable your employees to use the latest and most productive communication channels without exposing your organization to compliance risks.
  • Ingest, search for and export information orders of magnitude faster than with traditional archives, and reduce e-discovery costs while increasing productivity.

Key capabilities

to meet regulatory requirements and drive compliant productivity


Security & Privacy

The Connected Archive Enterprise Cloud comes with uncompromised data protection, privacy and security. Features include:

  • A multi-tenant cloud environment, with complete segregation of client data and access only to authorized client users
  • SSAE-16 SOC II certification, ISO 27002
  • Data encryption in motion and at rest and no readable access to client data
  • Immutable, WORM compliant storage
  • Stringent access controls including advanced authentication, single sign on and multi-factor identification
  • Regular External penetration tests


Cloud Scale, Multi-Tenant or Single-Tenant Architecture

Designed with the same next generation technologies powering Netflix, Amazon and Google, the archive's infrastructure can be scaled to support millions of documents. The Connected Archive is deployed in a highly secure instance within the cloud. Features include:

  • A modern, modular design with distributed processing and no single point of failure
  • High-speed ingestion, search, and export performance, regardless of the number of users or data volume
  • Fully managed service with low, predictable cost of ownership
  • An isolated VPC, providing an individual, protected, firewalled environment, with maximized security and control (Single-tenant)
  • Dedicated web app and resources, fully separated at the hosting level from other customers (Single-tenant)
  • Shared infrastructure and resources for optimal cloud throughput (Multi-tenant)

Integrations & APIs

Smarsh Product Integrations

The Connected Archive is integrated seamlessly with Connected Capture, with connectors to 80+ communication channels across email, IM & collaboration, social, mobile & voice, as well as Connected Apps (including Supervision and Discovery) to meet specific business challenges.


In addition to Smarsh product integrations, Connected Archive Enterprise Cloud fits seamlessly into your current and future infrastructure, applications and processes. It comes equipped with full APIs (including SDK and access to developer resources) to power downstream workloads and supports easy integration of custom and third-party content into the archive. All archived content gets ingested enriched with metadata to enhance downstream applications.


Context Preservation

The Connected Archive preserves all communications content and metadata in its native format, direct from the source. Highlights include complete playback of rich, dynamic conversational context and full transcripts of conversational events (e.g. join/leave, delete).


Granular Policy Management

Connected Archive users can enforce highly customizable policies across users, groups, networks and other data points to govern the usage of electronic communications. The archive also supports the ability to create and manage geographic policies to meet residency and locality requirements as well as automated disposition upon policy expiration. Specific retention policies can be set depending on your regulatory and business needs.


High Speed Exports

Clients have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they can export any (or all) archived data at any time in a variety of file formats (EDRM-XML, EML, HTML, PST, and MSG)and output storage mediums. The archive supports self-service exports at no additional charge. The Connected Archive supports industry-leading export speeds, with the ability to scale to accommodate larger volumes.

Archive Trends Dashboard

Admin, Audits & Reporting

The Connected Archive includes automated identity mapping using identity management services including Active Directory and LDIF import as well as supporting bulk and automated provisioning of content types across entire teams or groups of profiles.

Clients benefit from a full audit trail and reporting on all archiving activities in addition to reconciliation reports to show counts of unreconciled items and their status. The archive comes with dashboard views for visualized reporting and up-to-the minute status updates.


Faceted Search

The archive supports industry-leading search speeds, even as the number of users and volume of data scales up. Searches can be saved for future re-use and conducted by user, group, network, direction and more. The archive supports full Boolean search operators including wildcard, proximity and search-within-a-search. Granular filtering can be used to eliminate non-responsive content.

We capture everything.

Across 80+ channels - the most communications captured by any provider - directly from the source

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